About us

Work with us to meet the infrastructure needs of rapidly growing urban populations. Our researchers collaborate with industry and government to develop and deliver faster, cheaper and more sustainable housing and other essential facilities.

With an extra 2.5 billion urban residents expected in the world’s cities by 2050 there is a critical need to innovate to support this growth.

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We combine world-class research with industry-led partnerships that work to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the construction industry in Australia and the Asia–Pacific region.

The three pillars of our infrastructure and construction research target those processes we believe will have the greatest impact on industry:

  • digital engineering (including Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA))
  • new materials and infrastructure/building systems
  • prefabrication and automated off-site manufacturing.

New construction techniques, processes,materials and systems are being designed to reduce costs while making the industry more efficient and producing longer-lasting, higher-quality structures. Applications include low-cost social housing, high and low-density residential housing, commercial and public buildings such as schools and hospitals, and general infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels and roads.