Joint Research Training Centre for Medical Technologies

A state-of-the-art training centre, facilitating the development, translation and commercialisation of innovative MedTech solutions.

The Joint Research Training Centre (JRTC) for Medical Technologies is a collaborative initiative of the University of Melbourne and 3DMediTech. Through innovative research and end-use products, the Centre will vastly improve patient outcomes and reduce Australia’s reliance on imported personalised medical devices.

The JRTC partnership will create invaluable real-world training opportunities for PhD students and biomedical engineering researchers - enabling them to undertake research and development while working in a commercial setting.

The JRTC will be co-located at the University of Melbourne and the 3DMEDiTech manufacturing facility in Port Melbourne. The new facility will be one of the world’s most advanced 3D personalised medical manufacturing facilities, and the only one of its kind in Australia.

Professor Peter Lee, Deputy Head, Department of Biomedical Engineering, will lead the JRTC as Centre Director. The Centre will enhance and complement activities of the ARC Training Centre for Medical Implant Technologies, also led by Professor Lee.

Hosted by the University of Melbourne, the JRTC will be funded through philanthropy, with further opportunities for interested potential donors to make a difference through the Centre.

The Centre will be a place where industry, hospitals and researchers from the University come together to collaborate on research projects that will make a big difference in people’s lives.

Professor Duncan Maskell, University of Melbourne Vice Chancellor

Three researchers gather around a device while discussing the project.

Core pillars

  • Research programs
  • Education and training for career pathway preparedness
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship programs
  • Commercialisation of medical technologies


This collaborative initiative will support research translation, leading to the development of best industry and clinical practice, new products, processes and solutions. The key objectives of the JRTC are:

  • Foster entrepreneurship and create innovative technologies that meet industry and/or clinical unmet needs.
  • Enrich the industry experience of higher degree research students and postdoctoral fellows and prepare students to be industry ready for future roles in the medical device industry.
  • Develop opportunities for students to interact with industry, and for industry to be involved with the university (e.g. site visits and student placements at industry partner sites).
  • Commercialise products and solutions for manufacture locally and for expansion into international markets.
Graphic anatomical representation of the human skeletal system, focusing on the spinal cord.
Two students examine a synthetic skeleton arm in a laboratory

Steering Committee

The JRTC will be led by an interdisciplinary Steering Committee, comprised of representatives from the University of Melbourne, 3DMEDiTech and Royal Melbourne Hospital. Bringing together a depth and breadth of expertise across industry, research and clinical experience, the committee will guide the strategic direction of the Centre. JRTC Steering Committee Members are:

University of Melbourne
Professor Peter Lee (Chair), Associate Professor JiaYee Lee, Associate Professor David Ackland

Paul Docherty, Toby Hall, Chris Zondanos

Royal Melbourne Hospital
Associate Professor Andrew Bucknill and Associate Professor Yi Yang

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Make a gift

The JRTC will be funded through philanthropy. Your generous gift will enable us to provide PhD Scholarships and Post-Doctoral Fellowships to talented future leaders of Biomedical Engineering who can transform the future of bespoke implant technology. The recipients will be able to gain real world experience in the development, translation, and commercialisation of innovative personalised medical devices.

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To learn more about making a gift, please contact Ben Watts, Associate Director (Advancement).
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