Environmental water

Enhancing the ecological outcomes from environmental water allocations.

We work in close partnerships with water managers and industry, developing monitoring, research and adaptive management strategies for the best use of environmental water.

We integrate dynamic climatic and river conditions to improve evidence-based ecological responses from targeted, but limited water deliveries.

With increasing input from community stakeholders, we also help navigate social expectations and the competing environmental needs for water, from birds and bugs to tree health and fish populations.


  • Monitoring, research, evaluation and development of adaptive management strategies for environmental water
  • Expertise in ecohydraulics – the physical effects of water on ecological responses
  • Modelling ecological responses to changing flow regimes
  • Modelling physical habitats in flowing water environments
  • Modelling hyporheic processes in flowing water environments
  • Literature reviews to improve evidence-based environmental management
  • Sexton Ecohydraulics Laboratory
  • Evaluation of water management and trading policies on riverine environments

Key contact

Dr Angus Webb

It will take decades, but the Murray Darling Basin Plan is delivering environmental improvements

Amid the politics, it's sometimes easy to forget that the Murray-Darling Basin Plan was originally designed primarily to restore the rivers' environment.

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Statistics to help target better environmental water flows

With valuable water resources reallocated from irrigated agriculture to ‘environmental flows’, governments and communities are seeking accountability to ensure the greatest possible ecological benefits are achieved from the limited resource.

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