River basins

As many parts of the world face serious threat from water stress our research provides valuable information and tools for governments, water management agencies and industries managing water in a changing and variable climate.

This world-leading research on catchment responses to changes in climate and water use incorporates hydrological forecasting with lead times from hours to seasons, along with statistical and computational hydrology and risk analyses.

With growing pressure from agricultural expansion, hydropower development and urban growth, water quality and the health of aquatic ecosystems often suffer. But new tools and training programs will allow river basin planners in Australia and internationally to stress-test water plans under climate change and evaluate alternative water policy settings.

Working with water policy and governance specialists, we support improved policy development, strategic planning, and tactical and operational decision-making, especially for dealing with water scarcity and the extreme events of drought and flooding.


  • Catchment hydrology and hydrologic processes
  • Groundwater and surface-groundwater interaction
  • Hydroclimatology and change
  • Water availability and water demand forecasting
  • Flood and drought risk assessment, monitoring and forecasting
  • Catchment water quality
  • Water resources systems analysis
  • Land-atmosphere interaction
  • The Vasey Laboratory with a wide range of field equipment

Theme leader

Professor QJ Wang
Hydroclimate forecasting, stochastic hydrology, irrigation

Case studies