River basins

Helping to manage water use and the impacts of an increasingly variable and changing climate.

We provide information and tools to help manage increasing and competing demands for water from agriculture, local communities, riverine ecosystems and hydropower.

We work with response times from hours to years, managing river and water supply systems to best meet demands and maximise environmental benefits. We work with long-term planning that incorporates the risks and impacts of extreme floods and droughts on water security.


  • Catchment hydrological and water quality modelling
  • Hydroclimatology and change analysis
  • Water availability and water demand forecasting
  • Flood and drought risk assessment, monitoring and forecasting
  • Water resource systems and policy analysis
  • Field research and monitoring through The Vasey Laboratory

Key contact

Professor QJ Wang

Murrary River

Water quality predictions support better catchment management

Water data collected over more than 20 years has been used to understand the key drivers of changes in water quality across over 100 Australian catchments.

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Billions spent on Murray-Darling water infrastructure: here’s the result

Earlier this year, researchers suggested the amount of water returned to the Murray Darling Basin under a federal program has been “grossly exaggerated”, to the tune of hundreds of billions of litres.

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