Hands-on engineering at Melbourne

Studying engineering at the University of Melbourne allows undergraduate students like Oliver to gain practical, hands-on experience from day one.

To become a professionally accredited engineer at the University of Melbourne, students complete an undergraduate degree followed by the Master of Engineering.

For Bachelor of Science student Oliver, studying Engineering Systems Design (ESD) 1 has meant gaining hands-on engineering experience.

"ESD1 is centred around a design project, where you design a water treatment and distribution system for a remote village. They give you a big design brief — everything from what kind of weather to what kind of environment the community is living in — and then you have to design four subsystems to achieve getting clean water to the community," Oliver said.

Oliver is confident that the skills he has developed in ESD1, like teamwork, 3D modelling and using MATLAB software, will be useful in his future studies and career.

"I'm really looking forward to building on this skillset throughout my degree and then working in a field that, one way or another, is going to help the environment. That's something I'm really passionate about," he said.

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