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  1. Almond Insights - industry publications

    Almond Insights reports - a publication that gives statistical insight into the story of Australia's almonds.

  2. New dried grape varieties

    Rachael McClintock from Sheehan Genetics talks new dried grape varieties.

  3. Plastic covers for table grapes: Part 2. Advancing the harvest

    This short InnoGrape video summarises the use and objectives of plastic canopy covers in modern table grape production.

  4. Table grape external browning: Part 1

    This short InnoGrape video aims to summarise the factors that contribute to the development of browning and present solutions to reduce or prevent its occurrence

  5. Managing avocado with less water in the Mallee

    Irrigators may be faced with managing avocado trees with less water due to dry seasonal conditions. In this situation a range of decisions may need to be made.

  6. Mallee Waterway Strategy 2014 - 22

    The 2014-22 Mallee Waterway Strategy (MWS) is a key planning document for the region that sets priorities for the future management of our rivers, creeks and wetlands.

  7. Nangiloc-Colignan Area - Soil Map Sheet 7

    Soil selections - Map 7 of 10. Division of Agricultural Chemistry (Field Operations), Department of Agriculture, Victoria, 1975

  8. Field demonstration: Cordon bunch removal

    A demonstration of machinery and spray techniques for the chemical removal of cordon bunches. Removing these bunches is critical to efficient mechanical harvesting of dried grapes on swingarm trellis. Local contractor Rodney Trigg discusses the process before starting up the sprayer.

  9. Developing seedless grapes

    This short InnoGrape video will review seedlessness, one of the most important and desirable traits consumers value in table grapes.

  10. Soil water monitoring and irrigation scheduling.

    Soil water monitoring and irrigation scheduling, including soil texture, sodicity and salinity, probes, tensiometer, regions and irrigation management.

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