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Eng & IT Express is our fortnightly email newsletter for current engineering and IT students. It will keep you in the loop about a huge range of fantastic activities and opportunities, such as:

  • careers events
  • networking evenings
  • internship opportunities
  • exchange opportunities
  • scholarship opportunities
  • free breakfasts
  • expressions of interest for ambassador or mentor programs
  • student club events.

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Guidelines for submitting to Eng & IT Express

We welcome newsletter item submissions from University student clubs and staff.

Your submission needs to be relevant to Engineering and IT students, but it’s okay if your item is only relevant to a certain group within the FEIT cohort. For example, if you submit information intended just for MIS and MIT students, we won’t reject it because it’s not relevant to the engineering students.

If your item isn’t appropriate, it won’t be included in the newsletter. These decisions are made at the discretion of FEIT. Inappropriate content includes commercial advertising and promotions such as discounted textbooks, nightclub drink offers, student discounts and events aimed solely at undergraduate students.

Appropriate submissions include:

  • information sessions relevant to Engineering and/or IT students
  • expos and events such as the Endeavour exhibition
  • student club events that are open to Engineering and IT students
  • scholarships offered through the University and/or the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT)
  • networking opportunities
  • internships (if the program has been approved by the University)
  • exchange opportunities (if the program has been approved by the University)
  • and various other items and events deemed relevant to the postgraduate Engineering and IT cohorts.

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Our word count is limited. Please be aware that if we accept your news item, we might make edits to keep Eng & IT Express concise.

Make sure the website you link to in the submission form contains all relevant information about your item. That way, readers can click through to find out more.