Scholarships for Engineering and IT graduate researchers

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and supporters, you’re able to apply for a wide range of scholarships.

The Len Stevens Scholarship is open for applications!

Scholarships are open across two rounds, Summer and Winter. Occasionally a Spring round will follow to open any new or unfilled scholarship during the year.

Scholarships are predominantly to either:

  • Provide funds for general research or a particular project, or
  • For overseas travel to conduct field work or visit other universities and research institutions.

Most scholarships are awarded to a single recipient. Selection decisions are made by a panel comprising a representative of the Dean and senior department staff.

Apply by completing an online application addressing the selection criteria. You can expect an outcome of your application approximately four to six weeks after the closing date.

Have a question? Contact our FEIT Scholarships Coordinator at

Open all year

The below scholarships are open for application throughout the year and are awarded to multiple recipients:

Conference Travel Scholarships Funding to travel overseas or within Australia to present your research at a conference.
PhD Write Up Award Support following thesis submission for FEIT researchers

Summer Round 2022

Applications open Wed 1 December 2021 – Mon 31 January 2022

Scholarship Research or discipline areaFocus
Dee and John Collier Scholarship All FEIT Travel
Diane Lemaire Scholarship Female FEIT PhD students Research
Eugen Singer Award Any disciplines studying polymers within the University of Melbourne Research
Robert Bage Scholarship All FEIT Travel or Research

Winter Round 2022

Applications open Wed 1 June – Sun 31 July 2022

Scholarship Research or discipline areaFocus
Clive Pratt Scholarship Chemical engineering, FEIT Research
Eugen Singer Award Any  disciplines studying polymers within the University of Melbourne Research
George Lansell Memorial Scholarship FEIT or Science researchers studying mining or metallurgy Research
Geotechnical Group Travel Scholarship Geotechnical Group, Infrastructure, FEIT Travel
Justin Costelloe Award FEIT hydrology, water resources or arid zone research Research
Kenneth Myers Scholarship All  engineering disciplines in FEIT Travel
Thomas Ewing Scholarship Infrastructure engineering, FEIT Research

Len Stevens Scholarship

Applications open Mon 1 August – Sun 2 October 2022

Scholarship Research or discipline areaFocus
Len Stevens Scholarship All FEIT graduate coursework students and researchers Extracurricular learning, projects

Scholarships not offered this year

Not all of our scholarships are offered annually. Those not scheduled for awarding this year are listed below.

Scholarship Next offered in Course, discipline or departmentFocus
Lochrie Engineering Scholarship 2023 New FEIT researchers  - preference to civil or infrastructure Research