Digital Twin for Real -Time sensitive urban design decision making

2021 - 2022


A Decision Support Tool was developed in CSDILA Digital Twin to understand the storm water capacity of proposing new road networks in each catchment area.

About the Project

This project is a collaboration of CSDILA with Landscape Architects and Ecological Adaptation specialists from the Melbourne School of Design to develop a decision-making tool in Digital Twin supporting the implementation of flood-moderating measures in urban renewal projects. These decisions require consideration of complex, interdependent existing and proposed infrastructure, and must be informed by data and modelling from multiple disciplines such as hydrologists, transport engineers and urban planners. Here we developed a framework and prototyped a tool that could support flood moderation decision-making, embedded within a spatially enabled Digital Twin.

Collaborating Team

  1. Professor Abbas Rajabifard
  2. Professor Alex Felson
  3. Dr. Nano Langeheim
  4. Anna Mueller
  5. Prof. Alice Kesminas
  6. Dr. Soheil Sabri
  7. Dr. Benny Chen
  8. Yibo Zhang