Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

Our Vision

To drive the evolving concept of spatial data infrastructures and modernization of land administration systems by developing advanced 3D virtual information systems, that integrate, model, and visualize data and make it accessible for solving the demands faced by modern society.

International Forum on Digital Infrastructure for Climate Resilience

We're excited to announce this upcoming international forum on Digital Infrastructure for Climate Resilience! We'll be bringing together distinguished Australian and global professionals, influential innovators, and senior leaders at Melbourne Connect, the University of Melbourne. In collaboration with the World Bank and in line with our Research Hub (RIIS) Resilient and Intelligent Infrastructure Systems, this forum will focus on challenges in the domains of Land, Energy, and Infrastructure. We warmly welcome any interested parties to attend the event and will see you there to share expertise, opportunities, and practical insights.

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CSDILA 20th Aniversary

Our 20 Years of Research and Development Excellence

In 2021, the Centre for SDIs and Land Administration at the University of Melbourne celebrated twenty years of world-class research, development, and training. CSDILA had held a Strategic Forum and celebration event to mark this milestone. This event spotlighted CSDILA's achievements and activities over the last 20 years following its inception in 2001.

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In order to support CSDILA operation in line with our 5-year strategic plan,
and with CSDILA achievements and core capabilities to date, we have
advanced our Organisational Structure by introducing a number of
Research Units to empower the Centre to be agile with more flexibility in
our operation and resource allocation and management. With this new
structure, we have appointed an academic lead for each unit.

Units Description