Malaysian 3D Cadastre

A 3D cadastral database system based on land administration domain model for Malaysia.


About the project

This project aims to develop and implement a prototype 3D cadastral system for Malaysia. In developing the prototype system the project generated new knowledge in upgrading the current 2D digital cadastral database to a 3D one and how the current workflows and associated data can be modified to support the realisation of the 3D cadastral system.

The third dimension of height is a critical piece of data in many government businesses, including infrastructure development, urban planning, public safety, and many more. Already some of the government activities in Malaysia benefit from the use of 3D data, and the potential of it is well acknowledged in Malaysia’s government agencies. Unless a country-wide systematic approach is adopted, the potential of 3D data will not be realised.

The main outcome of the project is that the workflow of field surveying could be modified without significant overhead. The integration of vertical data with existing horizontal data will require a careful consideration due to a varying degree of uncertainty that results from the different methods of data collection.

Upgrading the current cadastral system from a system that is based on 2D (horizontal) data to a system based on 3D data will lay the groundwork for Malaysia to become among the first nations in the world to have a 3D spatial data infrastructure system.

Research team

Prof Abbas Rajabifard

Assoc Prof Mohsen Kalantari

Mr Yip Kit Meng

Dr Behnam Atazadeh

Dr Benny (Yiqun) Chen

Mohsen Rahimipour Anaraki

Dr Muyiwa Agunbiade

Dr Milad Ramezani

A satellite view and the control panel in the application

Data output table resulting from a database query

A highlighted parcel of land in Kuala Lumpur
Screen shots from the platform

Industry partners and collaborating organisations

Department of Survey and Mapping, Kuala Lumpur/Putrajaya State

Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (JUPEM), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

ENVIRO Land Services, Malaysia


Rajabifard A, Agunbiade M., Kalantari M., Km Y., Atazadeh B., Badiee F., Mond Noor I., Lim Ch., Kamali M., Aien A., Olfat H., Shojaei D., and Rahimipour M. (2018) An LADM-based approach to developing and implementing national 3D cadastre: A case study of Malaysia, Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) Workshop, Zagreb, Croatia, 12–13 April 2018


Behnam Atazadeh