Data Integration with Spatial Digital Twin for No Spill Network and Fibre Optic System for Pipeline Monitoring (2023-2025)

Water utility service providers are facing increased climate events that can result in network spills,
which damage assets and businesses. For example, South East Water indicated that spills in
Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, could damage critical locations and businesses, including Mussel
Farms. Furthermore, it is difficult to detect and mitigate the faults for underground assets.
To address these issues, multi-dimensional (2D,3D) digital asset inventory combined with a real-time
climate predictive model is necessary to support spill mitigation measures. The application
of innovative sensors including Fibre Optic Systems integrated with Spatial data in a Digital
Twin will enable pipeline monitoring and reduced contingency.

Key Objectives:
* To formulate a framework for 3D spatial data integration with signal processing for underground
assets (LOD)
* To design an automated detection process for the health of underground and above ground
infrastructure (based on FOS and other IoT)
* To design a predictive scenario builder for climate models for mitigation and future-proofing
* To develop a prototype system to examine the validity of the designed framework

* Design and develop pipeline for location-based, underground 2D and 3D and sensor data integration (i.e
graph database)
* Build analytics modules to support quantitative leakage detection, and enable preventive and corrective actions decision-making (based on FOS and other IoT)
* Create a real-time dashboard for monitoring the spill status in the entire utility network

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