Spatially Enabled Platform to Support Liveability Planning for a Smart Nation

Developing tools to support urban planning in Singapore.

The aims of this project are to develop a prototype three-dimensional (3D) data analysis, visualisation and integration tools, and a customised user interface to support modelling and simulation (M&S) requirements for urban planning in Singapore.

The prerequisites for any urban environmental simulation system are 3D mapping data and a digital urban model, which must be spatially accurate and based on open data standards. Hence, the Quantitative Urban Environment Simulation Tool (QUEST), developed in Singapore, leveraged 3D mapping data captured under the SLA’s 3D National Topographic Mapping project. SLA's 3D data and 3D models were processed, organised and adapted as a service that leverages the Climate Change Information Service’s (CLICIS) collaborative platform to support the M&S requirements of QUEST. Existing Building Information Models (BIM) of buildings from within the study site was also provided as an additional source of 3D land and property data. These 3D data, along with other two-dimensional (2D) data, were used to create 3D buildings, a digital terrain model (DTM), as well as various urban structures, including roads, public transport stations, and access to vegetation.

A suite of prototype tools for geospatial analysis, 3D data analysis, visualisation and integration, as well as a customisable user interface were developed. The list of developed tools are as follows:

  1. QUEST implementation in 3D open platform
  2. Smart mobility
  3. Flood level impact assessment

This project has highlighted the potential for developing a functional open GIS 3D platform for scenario-based modelling and simulation to support urban planning and design.

Figure 1. Platform’s Main User Interface and visualisation
Figure 2. BIM data and Query
Figure 3. Visualising the QUEST output in Platform

Research team


Prof Abbas Rajabifard (Lead)

Dr Soheil Sabri

Dr Benny (Yiqun) Chen

QUEST Collaborators and co-PIs

Mr Lim Tian Kuay (URA, NEA)

Dr Victor Khoo (SLA)

Mr Lewis Wu (SLA)

Industry partners and collaborating organisations

Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration (CSDILA)

Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety (CDMPS)

Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) (Singapore)

Singapore Land Authority (SLA)

National Environment Agency (NEA) (Singapore)


Soheil Sabri

Telephone: +61 3 8344 6771