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Your generosity enables to strengthen opportunities for talented students and researchers, to advance outcomes for communities, and to create and share rich knowledges for the betterment of society.


Help to create a centre for Indigenous innovation that accelerates cutting-edge research; activates well understood strategies to reach, inspire and support a pipeline of Indigenous talent; promotes and elevates Indigenous leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers; interconnects industry and scales the value we add as a trusted community partner.


Enable to attract the very best Indigenous leadership to this space whom will generate scholarship and collaboration through vision, and giving voice and agency to the possible.

Help to grow a cohort of passionate Indigenous and world-leading academics committed to driving innovation, entrepreneurship and finding answers to the world’s most important challenges.

Nurture the best and the brightest through scholarships and internship programs. Enriching education opportunities and strengthening relationships with industry and international institutions.


Back Indigenous research, communities, organisations, startups and knowledge holders to develop, accelerate and scale engineering, IT and tech projects. Provide the means to access capital and human resources, necessary to create a more sustainable future, facilitate self-determination and reconciliation.

Scholarships turn ambition into achievement, by ensuring the best and brightest minds have the opportunity of a Melbourne education, regardless of circumstance.

While opportunity is ripe to support Indigenous entrepreneurs; from MedTech to developing advanced Agritech to cultivate, harvest and rediscover delicious Indigenous ingredients and cuisines.

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We look forward to exploring your interests and how you'd like to help to bring these exciting life-changing opportunities to life!

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