Enhanced human performance

We are using physical experimentation, virtual environments and complex modelling to help enhance human performance, as well as avoid injury and accelerate recovery.

  • Replication and measurement of real-life movement within a range of applied scenarios
  • Analysis of cognitive and physical impacts of equipment design
  • Testing and improvement of equipment to avoid injuries
  • Physical enhancement
  • Biomechanical computation modelling
  • Cognitive sensing and enhancement
  • Human monitoring
  • Bioinformatics

Hear from Professor Peter Lee and Raneem Haddara on their research using the CAREN to help defence personnel prevent injury and enhance their performance.


HumanPRIMED is a community that combines the expertise of research, government and industry to address complex problems in human performance.

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Case study

CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment)

Our advanced biomechanical CAREN laboratory provides an immersive, virtual reality based environment capable of combining physical and mental inputs on a test subject to measure load-bearing forces and assess related injury potential.

Professor Peter Lee, Department of Biomedical Engineering, says he and his colleagues had previously used motion analysis laboratories but the virtual reality aspect of CAREN has the potential to take their research to the next level.

CAREN can be used to study how sound, visuals and other real-world stimuli affect the body under battle stress, in the safe environment of a laboratory.

We can see the effects of equipment on the soldier’s physical performance and then take this a step further using virtual reality (of a battlefield environment) to add in heightened brain activity by simulating shock, fear and noise. We can analyse both the cognitive and physical impacts of the equipment design on soldiers and where improvements can be made, and injuries avoided. - Professor Peter Lee, University of Melbourne

See the everyday benefits of using CAREN in sports and physical therapy applications.