Dairy innovation

Working largely through the ARC Dairy Innovation Hub, we collaborate with the dairy industry to develop new products and ingredients for domestic and export markets. Our advanced technology platforms support innovation in quality assurance and processing including by-product recovery and waste reduction.

Our research addresses key manufacturer needs in environmental sustainability and process innovation and improvement. Our experience in processing technologies and skills are relevant to a range of food products, such as cheese, cream cheese, yoghurt and dairy beverages, as well as ingredient products like milk powders, whey and protein concentrates.

The ARC Dairy Innovation Hub is an industry-funded, collaborative centre of excellence in dairy science and process engineering. It comprises five integrated research themes to address industry’s major technical challenges.

  • Microstructure – using high-resolution microscopy and advanced rheology in new product development and quality assurance.
  • Separation technologies – to recover dairy products and reduce waste disposal costs and environmental impact.
  • Functionalised milk streams – to develop fractionated products and ingredient streams with novel or improved functionality.
  • Ingredient innovation – new processing strategies for dairy lipids and emulsions for high-value applications.
  • Food quality – understanding the physical & chemical basis of complex quality parameters such as frothing, mouthfeel and flavour attributes.


  • Advanced processing technologies to minimise waste and waste treatment costs.
  • Processing innovation to reduce water, energy and cleaning costs.
  • Novel manufacturing processes to eliminate or reduce whey and permeate waste.
  • Optimisation of freezing and chilling processes to extend shelf-life, optimise functionality and improve competitiveness in Asian markets.
  • Processing and formulation strategies to enhance ‘premium’ nutritional attributes for specific customers, such as the elderly or food service sector.
  • Technologies to assist purity claims for new markets.
  • Effect of adjunct cultures on cheddar cheese flavour development.
  • Pilot plant facilities for accelerated development of infant formulae, nutritional powders and specialised dairy ingredients.
  • Innovation to extend the shelf-life of milk.
  • Physical functionality of infant formula powders.
  • Controlling seasonal & process variables affecting the frothing properties of coffee milks.
  • Optimisation of stirring systems for yoghurt manufacture.

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