Digital manufacturing and supply chain innovation

We partner with technology providers to develop powerful and tailored digital manufacturing tools – including software, hardware, sensors and robotic systems – for the food industry. This technology can be implemented along the entire supply chain.

We work with large corporations and small to medium enterprises to develop, evaluate and implement digital manufacturing technologies that enable a better data-driven approach to business.

food manufacturing plant

The technologies can be used to provide insights and better control of organisational performance as a whole. They can also be used to improve:

  • The efficiency of particular processing operations (including bottlenecks)
  • Quality and non-compliance issues
  • Supply chain management
  • Sastage, energy costs and food safety
  • Fraud prevention, traceability and market responsiveness.

Our research into technologies such as nanotechnology, AI, robotics, drones, biotechnology, machine learning, virtual reality and process mining is world leading. When combined with platforms such as smartphones, e-commerce and cloud-based computing, they have the potential to transform the food industry. Globally, some analysts regard this as the “fourth industrial revolution” – Industry 4.0.

As with all disruptive innovation, these technologies offer great opportunities for new and established agri-food businesses to develop. We can help food companies use these approaches to remain cost competitive, sustainable and agile in international markets.


  • The adaptation and use of process mining technology in food engineering and manufacturing.
  • The development of supply chain innovation solutions in selected industry segments such as dairy and meat.
  • The deployment of technology to support labelling, packaging and supply chain integration.
  • Training opportunities through companies engaged in the program.
  • Development of novel sensor technology for flexible packaging.

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