Emerging and transformational food systems

Our program addresses the growing global demand for new sources of food protein, particularly plant proteins, as well as other natural food sources and clean label food and ingredient systems.

There are attractive niche market opportunities in this area, building on Australia’s ‘clean and green’ reputation and our high standards for food safety and quality.

green algae in a test tube

We provide the scientific and engineering expertise to help manufacturers take advantage of these opportunities. Our formulation science and process engineering expertise can develop novel foods that are technically effective and commercially sustainable.

Alternatives such as algal culture or fermentation systems, are being evaluated through our research groups as potential replacements or adjuncts for conventional food and animal feed processing systems.

Physical, chemical and microstructural laboratory analysis before developments are scaled up to factory level can help reduce risk. Our research can also reveal crucial information on:

  • Product stability and shelf life
  • Nutritional value
  • Sensory attributes
  • Consumer acceptance.

Modelling can determine whether engineering modifications or new equipment will be is needed for new production processes.


  • Formulation and processing of plant-based, non-dairy yoghurts.
  • Functionality improvement of plant-based cheese and meat analogues.
  • Formulation and processing of novel plant-based protein beverages.
  • Chemistry and functionality of almond proteins.
  • Novel microencapsulation systems for food ingredients.
  • Algae production and processing of oils and protein.

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