Waste management, sustainability and by-product valorisation

We help food companies identify solutions to waste problems that constrain production and business growth. Our approach reduces business risk, optimises existing processes and identifies opportunities to add value to by-products.

Food waste is emerging as a serious socioeconomic problem globally and has become a priority research area for governments and the food industry.

Separation technologies

For industry, inefficient conversion of raw material, losses in the supply chain, high costs and regulation around waste treatment and disposal can threaten business profitability and sustainability.

We offer the science and engineering skills to address these issues and can help benchmark and evaluate existing processes and waste streams. Our research includes:

  • Process innovation to increase manufacturing efficiency and minimise crude waste production
  • Membrane technologies for water recycling, product recovery and waste volume reduction
  • Process and product innovation to improve by-product value and harvest new, saleable by-products from waste streams.


  • Optimisation of yeast extract manufacture from spent brewer’s yeast.
  • Extraction and purification of novel food ingredients from sugar cane waste.
  • Nanocellulose production from soybean waste.
  • Shelf-life indicators for packaged meat products to reduce waste.
  • Novel membrane systems for purification of abattoir waste.

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