ITC Infrared Thermography 2

Category 2

The course is designed for the professional thermographer and delivered over 5 days using a combination of theoretical and practical sessions and working with images, sketches and diagrams to illustrate the theoretical aspects in a descriptive way. The ITC Level II Thermography course prepares the participant for qualification as a category II certified thermographer.

A hand holding a device showing a thermography heat map of electrical equipment


The University of Melbourne, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology has been involved in the delivery of quality infrared thermography training since 1997. In January 2011 the School became an ITC Licensed Training Centre, authorised to deliver thermography training courses under a licensed training agreement with ITC Sweden.

ITC provides worldwide training in thermography. The Infrared Training Centre (ITC) at the University of Melbourne provides high-quality interactive thermography training from qualified international thermography instructors. The ITC offers IR training, certification, and recertification in all aspects of infrared thermography use. Level II ITC Infrared Thermography courses are available for both public and on-site company registration.

Entry requirements

Successful completion of ITC Infrared Thermography Category 1 training (or equivalent).

Who should apply

The Level 2 ITC course is the next step for Category 1 certified Thermographers who need to supervise other Category 1 certified staff.

Other information

Courses will be confirmed 10 working days prior to delivery. Participants are advised to wait for this confirmation before booking travel and accommodation.

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Please contact us for any queries


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