Novel materials and composite/hybrid components

Material manufacturers and the prefabricated housing industry recognise the need for developing light-weight and environmentally-friendly materials to meet structural, thermal and acoustic requirements for economical, high-quality prefabricated and modular building systems, and for taking advantage of materials that exceed the performance of those commonly used on-site (eg, concrete, steel, and timber).

Considering the stringent performance requirements of advanced building systems and assemble techniques, the research program understands the importance of developing light-weight high strength multi-graded composite materials and elements, and hybrid components. Specifically, the highly controlled off-site manufacturing processes will enable the use of engineered materials and combination of materials, and hybrid components not possible in traditional construction. Directing these developments to address the needs of Programs 1 and 2 will produce a design platform for prefab construction of international standing, positioning Australian industry and research at the cutting edge worldwide.  Addressing the use of novel materials, composite and hybrid components and incorporation into structural components is expected to develop the skills and expertise in industry engineers, and researchers. This program will address the knowledge gap and skill shortage that currently hamper the development of new materials.