About the Engineering Learning Unit

The Engineering Learning Unit is a research, teaching and support unit that promotes excellence in education throughout the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.

The Engineering Learning Unit (ELU) was established in 2007 to lead innovation and excellence in engineering education within the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.

The core of the ELU are the education specialists. They are Prof David Shallcross, Assoc. Prof. Gavin Buskes. Other members of the ELU include Mr Brice Shen (ELU Manager), Dr Kaya Prpic.

As well as providing leadership in engineering education within the School, the ELU also serves the School in a number of other ways:

  • mentoring to new academic staff;
  • advice and mentoring to staff requiring assistance in teaching;
  • engineering education research;
  • coordination of multi-disciplinary subjects such as Fluid Mechanics;
  • running the Skills Towards Employment Program (STEP);
  • analysis of student survey results;
  • research as requested by the School (for example, development of translation of academic standards for qualifications from different countries);
  • engineering education seminars and promulgation of best practice;
  • School teaching awards;
  • tutor training; and,
  • professional accreditation preparation.

Currently the ELU is focussed on developing capabilities in three main areas of engineering education:

  • assessment and feedback
  • student engagement
  • development of teamwork, management and communication skills.