Automated multiple choice system

This program offers a way to automate multiple choice tests, decreasing time spent on marking, and providing unique statistics to review test quality and student learning.

  • Test papers created in PDF format using LaTeX;
  • Custom marking schemes per question;
  • Randomised question and answer ordering;
  • Parameterised questions and answers;
  • Dedicated scanning hardware to scan and mark papers rapidly;
  • Statistics generated to identify good/bad questions and highlight topics with student learning.


  • Easily and regularly assess student learning, especially for large classes;
  • No additional overhead in marking responsibilities;
  • Provides rapid and focussed feedback to students and staff.


  • Initial meeting;
  • Construction of questions (to be coded by the ELU);
  • Test administration;
  • Final results/review meeting

Current Use:

  • ESD1, ESD2, Engineering Mechanics.