Peer assisted study scheme (PASS)

PASS is an international program that brings together small groups of students to study, supervised by a senior student. It promotes a relaxed atmosphere with an emphasis on independent learning with skills learnt often being useful throughout a students study career. PASS was introduced to the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology in Semester 2, 2011 running in Engineering Systems Design 2, and this semester is in Engineering Mechanics. The program has been well received with students choosing to participate in both subjects. Attendance is optional.

PASS is best suited to subjects which are larger than 150 students, have at least a moderate fail rate and well structured material.


  • Strengthens student understanding of material;
  • Encourages independent learning.


  • 1-2 brief meetings with leaders;
  • A few minutes of promotion in lectures;
  • LMS access for leaders.

Current Use:

  • ENGR10003: Engineering Systems Design 2
  • ENGR20004: Engineering Mechanics
  • ENGR30002: Fluid Mechanics