Networked autonomous systems

Increasingly, autonomous systems are being networked together to provide greater impact through coordination in areas such as unmanned autonomous vehicles, manufacturing and future infrastructure.

Our expertise

  • Distributed decision making
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Sensor fusion
  • Networked dynamic systems
  • Sensor and information processing
  • Control system design and implementation
  • Advanced sensor design for nano and micro sensors
  • Robust communications and sensor networks
  • Game theory
  • Optimisation
Hear from Dr Airlie Chapman on her research in design and control in multi vehicle systems.

UAV swarms reduced costs and expand operational coverage

Rather than using a central command to control unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs), a swarm approach has been developed to create an autonomous multi-robot network.

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Automated irrigation improves water productivity

The University of Melbourne has partnered with irrigation specialist Rubicon Water to automate the operation irrigation systems, developing commercial technology called Total Channel Control (TCC).

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Smart home demonstrates AI algorithms ‘in the wild’

Using a smart home as a demonstration model, a methodology was established that allows an AI system to update the reasoning it uses to make decisions, incorporating previously unknown or novel situations.

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