Improving industrial automation

Eric Schoof operates a robotic arm


Industrial automation is a key aspect of modern manufacturing, featuring in CNC machines and assembly lines to deliver faster and more reliable solutions than traditional methods. Two examples of MIDAS researchers working in this domain are collaborations with Australian Reinforcing Company (ARC) to automate their construction of prefabricated housing, and ANCA Motion Control to deliver leading servo control solutions for multiaxis machine tools.


With ANCA Motion, MIDAS researchers have been researching the use of model-based approaches at the servo drive level to provide greater throughput and accuracy in multiaxis machine tools. This research includes controller developments used in five-axis CNC grinding machines, as well as approaches for biaxial x-y machines such as laser and water jet cutters that promise guaranteed tolerancing of parts at minimum cutting time. Our work with ARC is focussed on improving manufacturing lines in the prefabricated housing industry through the incorporation of robotics and computer vision to alleviate manual handling of complex geometry parts.


The approaches developed serve to increase productivity in the manufacture of parts, and are a key area in our industry partners retaining a competitive edge in international markets.

Lead researcher

Dr Eric Schoof