Stand alone autonomous systems

We design and operate single entity autonomous systems using computationally efficient approaches and certify their operation in dynamic environments. We have applied work in agriculture, aerodynamic, maritime, mechatronic and automotive sectors.

Our expertise

  • AI and machine learning
  • Human-AI integration
  • Control system design and implementation
  • Sensor and information processing
  • Advanced sensor design
  • Optimisation
  • Systems theory
  • Mapping, planning, and scheduling
  • System performance certification
Eric Schoof explains human-centred automony, and shows we are using a high performance robotic arm in our research

Predictive controllers optimise engine performance

Engine performance in the automotive and maritime industries is intimately linked to the control algorithms used to determine actuation levels and inputs.

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Improving industrial automation

With ANCA Motion, MIDAS researchers have been researching the use of model-based approaches at the servo drive level to provide greater throughput and accuracy in multiaxis machine tools.

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