Video gallery

Here’s a video gallery of machines that we think are pretty awesome. Some are instructional, some are inspirational, and some are just plain funny. Check them out and get some ideas!

Learn more about how it’s done

An interview with one of the Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest’s pilot program schools — The University High School.

Audri’s machine

Audri is our new hero. This guy has it sorted when it comes to a process for designing, testing, and improving machines. Check it out!

The mother of all machines

This machine by the group OK Go, built for their clip ‘This Too Shall Pass’. Don't try this at home, at least without a team of engineers at your disposal.

The Mythbusters and machines

The Mythbusters and machines like these seem made for each other. And they are. Have a look at this one, and when you’re done, check out a bit of how they did it.

Creating a theme for your machine

This one from Honda using only car parts is a pretty cool idea. This is a bit of an oldie now, but it’s still one of the best out there.

Here’s one of ours!

This was prepared by a team that took part in the 2011 contest, and have done a brilliant job in video-documenting it!


This is probably way beyond what any of us could manage just now, but it’s pretty incredible. A great example of mechatronic engineering!