Rocketry Team

ARES rocketry team is dedicated to developing technologies and building rockets for competition.

Australian Universities Rocketry Competition

ARES rocketry team is in its second year and is ready to get hands-on with our inaugural rocket project, Project Phobos, our entry into the Australian Universities Rocketry Competition (AURC).

The Australian Youth Aerospace Association (AYAA) hosts the AURC in partnership with the Defence Science & Technology Group and Shoal Group, giving students the opportunity to get hands on aerospace experience whilst being mentored by industry partners.

AURC rockets use commercial off-the shelf solid fuel motors, but otherwise teams have relative freedom in designing their single stage rocket. Teams are scored in their preliminary design, the quality & innovation of their manufactured rocket, launch trajectory, payload and safe & accurate recovery.

The Team

To aid in developing an entry that meets all necessary requirements and displays high quality and innovation, the rocketry team is split into the following subsystem teams:

  • Aerodynamics subsystem team.
  • Avionics subsystem team.
  • Internal structures subsystem team.
  • Simulations subsystem team.
  • Operations & Logistics subsystem team.

Future Aspirations

After COVID-19 forced the cancellation of the 2020 AURC, ARES is keen to launch its first competition rocket in the 2021 AURC. Our 2021 entry into the 10’000ft category gives us an opportunity to test our skills and engineering processes before we target future projects.

Possible future projects include a 30’000ft AURC entry in 2022, or entry into international rocketry competitions such as the Spaceport America Cup.