Fourier Transform Infrared Microscopy

The Bruker LUMOS FTIR spatially maps absorption in the infrared spectrum

The Bruker LUMOS is a compact solution for FTIR microscopy and imaging


  • Capable of FTIR and ATR measurements
  • Fully automates measurements in transmission, reflection and ATR mode
  • Large working distance
  • Suitable for biological tissues


The inVia Raman microscope can be operated by researchers or on a fee for service basis by MCFP platform staff. Trained users can book through the MCFP's iLab booking system. Please contact Anders Barlow to arrange access or training.

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Sample Preparation

Many samples can be analysed as they are with care needing to be taken for cleanliness of the instrument and ensuring no contamination.

Additional Resources

Bruker LUMOS FTIR website