2022 MCFP Image Competition

The 2022 MCFP Image Competition is now open for submissions!

Do you have a scientific image you are proud of? Perhaps it is eye-catchingly stunning, scientifically novel, or technically marvellous!

Whatever it may be we invite you to share your images with the community!

The 2022 MCFP Image Competition is open to any user with an image acquired from MCFP or MCN capabilities.

There are prizes to be won, and images will be chosen by a panel of researchers from the community based on aesthetic appeal, scientific interest, and technical skill.

Submit an Entry

Terms and Conditions of Entry

  • Eligibility

    The 2022 MCFP Image Competition is open to all users of the MCFP, including internal University of Melbourne users, external Academic users, and external Industry/Commercial user, and is open to University of Melbourne users who have access the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN) through the MCFP.

  • Submissions

    Submitted images must have been acquired within 12 months of the submission deadline date by the user submitting the image.

    Images should be of a normally accessible format, such as .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tif, .tiff.

    Image file size must be no greater than 40MB.

    Images can be digitally altered (processing, false-colouring is allowed). Any post-processing of the images must be mentioned during the submission process.

  • Terms of Use of Images

    The entrant retains the copyright to the submitted images. The entrant authorises the MCFP to use these images in non-commercial promotional activities through online avenues including but not limited to the MCFP website, MCFP LinkedIn page, and MCFP YouTube channel. Images will be shared with attribution to the original owner of the image.