Optical 2D/3D Digital Microscopy

The Hirox RH-2000 2D/3D microscope can create high resolution images and videos with excellent colour reproduction

The Hirox RH-2000 2D/3D digital microscope is a fast and easy way to create high resolution images of your samples, with calibrated 2D scales and high quality 3D models with accurate point heights and profiles.


  • 3D images up to 10,000×
  • High intensity LED source provides true colour reproduction
  • 1920×1200 pixel resolution at 50 FPS
  • Motorised stage with 40mm × 40mm working range
  • Up to 180° inclination on camera stage to target specific features on samples


The Hirox can be operated by researchers or on a fee-for-service basis by MCFP platform staff. Trained users can book through the MCFP iLab booking system. Please contact Tian Zheng to arrange access or training.

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