SmartLand Indonesia

The Word Bank Group


This project aims to improve the existing land surveying and cadastral flow/process/system,
improve the data exchange system employed by relevant stakeholders in the surveying and
cadastral process, and produce valid and reliable textual and 2D data to be used for providing
information for internal and external use.

Description of the project

As part of the focus of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia on digital transformation and to ensure that the digital transformation journey will be planned and executed well and smoothly, the Ministry of Land Affairs and Spatial Planning (the Ministry of ATR/BPN) has developed a strategic roadmap for Modern Land Information System (MLIS).

This project, namely ‘SmartLand Indonesia’, will be contributing to the MLIS realization through the aims highlighted below:

  • understand and analyse the current situation of land administration in the Ministry of ATR/BPN as well as regional and local land offices
  • provide recommendations to improve the existing land surveying and cadastral workflows/business processes/systems
  • design a modern cadastral workflow and system based on best practices, and
  • implement a Prototype System to produce valid and reliable 2D spatial data using advanced technology adopted from the worldwide best practices, in particular, CSDILA land administration modernisation solutions.

Research team

Abbas Rajabifard
Soheil Sabri
Behnam Atazadeh

Benny (Yiqun) Chen
Fatemeh Jahani Chehrehbargh
Yuke Xie

Industrial partners

Indonesia Ministry of Land Affairs and Spatial Planning (ATR/BPN)