Live 3D Pose

The CSDILA’s Digital Twin team has been working on a system that is able to capture live data of a person’s location and pose information, process and transmit the data to the DT end, recreate and visualize the position & pose information on DT’s live panel. To do this, our research team has developed a system that captures the raw data with a camera system, processes the raw data with an AI model on a cloud server, and transmitted the processed data to the DT’s live panel where the information will be recreated and visualized.


  • A fully automated system that connects from the camera system that gathers raw data to the DT end.
  • Fully automated data processing pipeline that is able to extract location and pose information from raw image data provided by a camera system.
  • Visualization of the position and pose data on the DT front panel live.
  • Power supply solution: the whole system can be running without access to a power outlet.
  • Installation solution: the whole system is able to be installed without permanent damage on the installation site, i.e. no nails.
  • Data storage and analysis: live data can be stored on the server and can be gathered to do analysis.

Research Team:

  • Dr. Yiqun Chen
  • Yibo Zhang, Tonglong Song