Thesis titleResearcherTypeYear
A systems perspective on national prioritisation of sustainable development goals: Insights from Australia

Dr Atie Asadikia

PhD Thesis2023
Enhancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Integrating Resilience and Sustainability at the Local LevelDr  Zahra AssarkhanikiPhD Thesis2022
BIM-based Property Ownership Evaluation in Land Administration : Minimizing Property DisputesDr  Jihye ShinPhD Thesis2022
Spatial query and analysis for 3D urban land administrationDr  Maryam  BarzegarPhD Thesis2022
3D Spatial Data Validation in Urban Land AdministrationDr  Ali  AsghariPhD Thesis2022
Humans’ decision-making during emergency evacuations of crowded environments: behavioural analyses and econometric modelling perspectivesDr Milad Haghani PhD Thesis2019
Crowdsourcing in land administrationDr Shima RahmatizadehPhD Thesis2018
Optimisation of evacuation process in tall buildingsDr Mitko AleksandrovPhD Thesis2018
Supporting disaster management utilizing multi-agency sensor informationDr Farzad Aghakarim AlamdaraPhD Thesis2017
Building information modelling for urban land administrationDr Behnam AtazadehPhD Thesis2017
A framework for adopting Twitter data in emergency responseDr Farhad LaylaviPhD Thesis2017
A framework for micro level assessment and 3D visualisation of flood damage to a buildingDr Sam AmirebrahimiPhD Thesis2016
3D cadastral visualisation: understanding users’ requirementsDr Davood ShojaeiPhD Thesis2014
Towards 3D-enabled urban land administration: invisible constraints and strategic choicesDr Serene Shih Lynn HoPhD Thesis2014
The Governance of Spatial Data Infrastructure: A Registry Based Model (PDF)Paul BoxMasters of Applied Science2013
Using Land Administration for Land Risk Management (PDF)Dr Katie Elizabeth PottsPhD Thesis2013
A Collaborative Framework to Support a National Land Information Infrastructure in Australia (PDF)Mr Brian MarwickMaster of Geomatic Engineering2013
Land Administration for Macroeconomic Management (PDF)Dr Nilofer ChristensenPhD Thesis2013
3D cadastral data modelling (PDF)Dr Ali AienPhD Thesis2013
Automatic Spatial Metadata Updating and Enrichment (PDF)Dr Hamed OlfatPhD Thesis2013
Land Administration for Housing Production (PDF)Dr Muyiwa AgunbiadePhD Thesis2013
SDI and Spatial Planning Support Systems for Facilitating Disaster Risk ReductionDr Heri SutantaPhD Thesis2013
Building a Seamless SDI Model for Land and Marine Environments (PDF)Dr Sheelan Sheikheslami VaezPhD Thesis2010
The Integration of Multi-source Spatial Datasets in the Context of SDI Initiatives (PDF)Dr Hossein MohammadiPhD Thesis2008
Cadastral Data Modelling: A Tool for e-Land Administration (PDF)Dr Saeid Mohsen Kalantari SoltaniehPhD Thesis2008
Property rights, Restrictions and Responsibilities: their Nature, Design and Management (PDF)Dr Rohan BennettPhD Thesis2007
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An SDI Model to include the Marine EnvironmentMs Lisa Strain Master of Geomatic Engineering2006
Expanding Rural Land Tenures to Alleviate PovertyDr Kate Dalrymple PhD Thesis2006
Spatial Disaggredation of Economic Results using Stakeholder Input and Geo-ComputationDr Daniel Paez PhD Thesis2005
A Collaboration Model for National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Federated Countries (PDF)Dr Mathew Warnest PhD Thesis2004
Defining a Marine Cadastre: Legal and Institutional Aspects (PDF)Mr Andrew Binns Master of Geomatic Engineering2004
A Framework for the Evaluation of Land Administration Systems (PDF)Dr Daniel Steudler PhD Thesis2004
Expanding the Spatial Data Infrastructure model to support spatial wireless applications (PDF)Dr Jessica Davies PhD Thesis2004
Principles for an Integrated Land Administration System to Support Sustainable Development (PDF)Dr Lisa Ting PhD Thesis2002
The effect of adverse possession on part of a registered title land parcel (PDF)Dr Malcolm Park PhD Thesis2003
GIS applied to administrative boundary design (PDF)Dr Serryn Eagleson PhD Thesis2003
Diffusion of Regional Spatial Data Infrastructures: with particular reference to Asia and the Pacific (PDF)Dr Abbas Rajabifard PhD Thesis2002
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Digital Lodgement of Cadastral Survey Data in Victoria (PDF)Ms Katie Falzon Masters of Geomatics Science by Research1998
Facilitating the use of cadastral data through the World Wide Web (PDF)Mr Iestyn Polley Masters of Geomatics Science by Research1998
The Dynamics of Diffusion of Corporate GIS (PDF)Dr T.O. Chan PhD Thesis1998