The CSDILA’s Digital Twin team has been working on a system that capable of gathering live spatial data of an object, processing and transmitting the data and visualize the position on DT’s live panel. To do this, our research team have designed and developed a dataflow pipeline that will connect from a live indoor position device developed by Pozyx, processing and transmitting the data on air and visualize the final result on DT’s live panel. The team have also developed a strategy to validate the data received and report on the precision of the system, as well as the optimal placement of the system to improve accuracy of the live indoor positioning.


  • Fully automated system that will gather raw data from indoor position of a Pozyx device, process and transmit the data to the DT end.
  • Visualization of the spatial data on the DT front panel live.
  • Power supply solution: the whole system can be running without the access of power outlet.
  • Installation solution: the whole system is able to be installed without permanent damage on the installation site, i.e. no nails.
  • Data storage and analysis: live data can be stored on the server and can be gathered to do analysis.

Research Team:

  • Dr Yiqun Chen
  • Yibo Zhang, Tonglong Song