ePlanning and eApprovals Project

Building 4.0 CRC


This project aimed to study the current processes of planning and building permits and develop a roadmap to modernise these processes.

About the project

Planning and building approval processes are still largely paper (PDF) based, which make them inefficient and time-consuming, imposing significant costs on both industry and government. Industry is effectively unable to test plan compliance against planning controls and building regulations, track progress of their applications, and efficiently track compliance through construction. The longer-term objective of the CRC’s work in this area is to embrace the opportunities that digital workflow and digital twin technology provide to design, develop and deliver an innovative digital platform to facilitate effective, efficient and timely planning, building permits, approvals, ongoing compliance with planning controls, building regulations and other regulatory requirements.

The digital platform will not be a simple electronic submission system, but will be a rich digital platform that will (among other things) provide:

  • an integrated planning and building development approvals process in which planning and building controls and rules are coded, thereby providing industry and regulators with a streamlined assessment tool that facilitates (to the extent reasonably practicable) compliance checking, certifications and approvals;
  • industry participants with an assessment tool utilising digital twin concepts to test plans for compliance with planning and building controls and regulations, thereby minimising incomplete applications and requests for further information;
  • regulatory authorities with a streamlined assessment tool that delivers enhanced speed, accuracy and transparency at less cost for both industry and government;
  • industry participants, regulators and other stakeholders with a platform from which to compare the as-built with the as-designed building for regulatory compliance; and
  • a single source of information (point of truth) for both proposed and approved designs upon which future policy, planning and regulatory decisions can be based.

Industrial Partners

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